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ZD Wines, USA

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Winery Name: ZD Wines, USA
established 1969
Winemaker(s): Chris
Other Details: The success of ZD Wines can only be attributed to the dedication and winemaking philosophy of the de Leuze family. As ZD Wines moves forward, the family continues to grow. Norman and Rosa Lee's grandchildren represent the 4th generation to contribute their time and skills to the winery. In 1996 the de Leuze family purchased an historical, 33-acre vineyard in Carneros. Formerly owned by Irish immigrant Patrick Flanagan, the property is planted with 26 acres of Chardonnay. Another seven acres was planted with Pinot Noir which produced its first vintage in 1999. As the winery continues to grow, so does the vision of ZD Wines.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Napa Valley
Website: ZD Wines
Contact Details / Location: ZD Wines
8383 Silerado trail
Napa Ca 94558

Tel: 800.487.7757
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