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XANADU Wines, Australia

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Winery Name: XANADU Wines, Australia
established 1977
Winemaker(s): Jurg Muggli
Other Details: Lovers of literature remember Xanadu as Coleridge's mysterious, idyllic, exotic city; home of Kubla Khan. Lovers of wine, however, know Xanadu as an equally idyllic setting in the South West corner of Australia; home to one of the region's most respected vineyards. At Xanadu Wines, rolling slopes of vines flourish in the rich, free draining gravel soils of the Margaret River region where they are fed by an abundant supply of pristine water and sheltered by forests of magnificent marri trees. It's a near-perfect environment for viticulture.

Lagan, an Irishman, arrived in Margaret River in 1968 and was inspired by the pioneering spirit of the region. At the time, the potential of Margaret River as one of the world's finest wine-producing regions was only just being considered. John established one of the regions earliest vineyards and he planted his first vines in 1977.

Success brought expansion. The eighty-five hectares of vines on the original Xanadu Estate have been supplemented with a further forty-five hectares in the nearby Karridale region and there has been a major investment in modern winemaking technology. The winery and vineyard are currently producing 14 varieties of wine under four popular labels: Secession, Xanadu, 25th Anniversary Show Reserve and Lagan Reserve and is proud of its commitment to produce exciting wines of the highest quality.

The "Langton's Classification" was devised in 1991 by Langton's, an auction house affiliated with Christies of London. It was intended that the Langton's Classification would highlight the best wines in Australia, thus creating interest and confidence in emerging fine Australian wines. To be eligible for a classification, your wine must show well in auction, 10 years running. There are currently four Langton's Classification categories - Exceptional, Outstanding, Excellent and Distinguished. Xanadu's Cabernet Reserve was rewarded last year, with a listing in the Distinguished category.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Margaret River
Frankland River
Website: XANADU Wines
Contact Details / Location: Margaret River Winery
Boodjidup Rd, Margaret River
PO Box 144, Margaret River
Western Australia 6285
Tel +618 9757 2581
Fax +618 9757 3389

Adelaide Hills Winery
Grants Gully Rd, Clarendon
PO Box 695, Clarendon
South Australia 5157
Tel +618 8383 5555
Fax +618 8383 5551
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