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Westend Estate, Australia

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Winery Name: Westend Estate, Australia
established 1945
Winemaker(s): William Calabria, Bryan Currie
Other Details: Westend Estate was established in 1945 by my parents Francesco and Elizabeth Calabria newly arrived migrants from Italy in 1927. They purchased a five acre block of land at the western end of Griffith and so the new winery which they established there became known as Calabria Wines.

The winery is now under my guiding hand. Since 1974 I have changed the name from Calabria Wines to Westend Estate. My aim was to increase both the quality and range of wines offered by Westend Estate. As testimony to our success Westend Estate has been honoured with medals and trophies from major Australian and International wine shows. Westend was one of the first to consistently win gold medals from Riverina fruit particularly in red wines.

I have been involved in winemaking since I was 16 years old. During this time, I have maintained the philosophy of "keeping it personal", so I can supervise every aspect of the wine making process.

I am one of a few that cannot seriously enjoy my wines, due to a rare allergy of acid contained in wine. I have had to settle with merely tasting our award wines. As I say "one doesn't have to swallow to know whether the wine is good or bad."

Traditional overhead open fermenters are still used for making all of our Westend Estate reds. These vats were built by my parents and my older brothers in the late 40s.

Westend Estate crushes approximately 5000 tonnes of grapes per season, with approximately 800 tonnes contributing to Westend Estate's private labels from our own 51 acre vineyard situated in Hanwood.

William Calabria
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Riverina
Website: Westend Estate
Contact Details / Location: 1283 Brayne Rd
Griffith, NSW
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