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Weingut Walter Perll, Germany

Below are the details for Weingut Walter Perll, Germany.

Winery Name: Weingut Walter Perll, Germany
established 1972
Winemaker(s): Walter Perl
Other Details: Small family run winery. Walter Perll sen. and Walter Perll jun. run the winery together.

Located in the lovely Rhine valley. Vineyards are all on steep slopes of the valley near Boppard. Famous section is Bopparder Hamm with it's sections Fässerlay, Mandelstein, Feuerlay, Ohlenberg und Weingrube. Specialty is fruity, complex Riesling.

Variety: 4,8 ha Riesling, 0,7 ha Spätburgunder, 0,2 ha Weißburgunder, 0,1 ha Dornfelder, 0,1 ha Kerner, 0,1 ha Scheurebe

Received several honors incl. 1992 the very rare "Bundesehrenpreis in Gold" which was honored only 30 times in the last 20 years.
Listed in WeinGuide from Gault Millau since it's initial publishing.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Mittelrhein
Website: Weingut Walter Perll
Contact Details / Location: Ablassgasse 11
56154 Boppard

Telefon:+49 (06742) 3671
Telefax:+49 (06742) 3023
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