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Weavers Wines, United Kingdom

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Winery Name: Weavers Wines, United Kingdom
established 1897
Winemaker(s): Weavers Wines
Other Details: Weavers of Nottingham is one of city's oldest independent businesses. Established in 1844 by Edward Cossal Weaver, Weavers started life as a Public House. In 1897, George Trease bought the business from Mr Weaver who emigrated to South Africa. Under the watchful eye of Bill Trease, George's grandson, the business continued to trade as a Public House together with a small wholesale wine and spirits business. In 1959, the Public House was sold and the company became wine merchants in the property remaining at 1 Castle Gate. Alan became the 4th generation of the family to join the business, and with his father, grew the wholesale business.

Today brother and sister Philip and Mary Trease, the 5th generation of the family, are involved in the business. Weavers is a thriving company supplying wines and spirits to private, corporate and trade customers throughout the Midlands and the UK. We supply the most comprehensive and creative range of wines, spirits and liqueurs from the popular easy drinking styles through to the traditional and more unusual, rare and sought after products.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Nottinghamshire
Website: Weavers Wines
Contact Details / Location: Weavers of Nottingham Ltd
Vintner House
1 Castle Gate
Nottingham, NG1 7AQ
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