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Vrede en Lust, South Africa

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Winery Name: Vrede en Lust, South Africa
established 1688
Winemaker(s): Susan Wessels
Other Details: The history of Vrede en Lust is a story of passion, vision and resurrection, which goes as far back as 1688, when Flemish merchant Jacques de Savoye arrived at the Cape in the company of the French Hugenots and contributed greatly to the development of the Drakenstein valley.

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For Gauteng, contact Marina Theofrastos 083-564 4265 or

For Cape Town, contact Karen Hopkins 084-408 3771 or
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Franschhoek
Website: Vrede en Lust
Contact Details / Location: Intersection R45 & Klapmuts Rd
Western Cape
South Africa

Postal Address:
PO Box 171
Groot Drakenstein 7680
South Africa
Wine Reviews: No wine reviews at this time.
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