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Vinarstvi Mikrosvin Mikulov a.s., Czech Republic

Below are the details for Vinarstvi Mikrosvin Mikulov a.s., Czech Republic.

Winery Name: Vinarstvi Mikrosvin Mikulov a.s., Czech Republic
established 1974
Winemaker(s): Filip Mlynek
Other Details: MIKROSVÍN MIKULOV cultivates about 220 ha(543 acres) of vineyards. A large proportion of these vineyards is located on the slopes of Palava UNESCO Biosphere Reserve at attitudes of about 200-400 metres above the see level, which along with the lime stone bed and microclimate of the Dyje River provides excellent growing conditions mainly for white grapes. The annual wine production amounts approximately to 250 000 litres. The main effort during the year is to grow the best fruit possible many vine plants per hectare (4000 per ha and more), minimal burdening of the vines that are pruned to a single cane with 7 buds, limitation of mineral fertilization and all other chemical inputs, usage of biological methods of vine protection and late harvest to obtain high levels of natural sugar. The cellar technology is based on careful grape processing with physical treatments kept to a minimum. Emphasis is put on the fruity taste and character of the wine. Wine is processed without maceration by immediate air pressing with minimum chemicals used. Wines are made by employing methods of reductive and controlled fermentation, inoculated with pure yeast culture. Red wines are processed in double jacket tanks and subsequently pressed and racked to barrique barrels to mature. The key variety produced is Welschriesling or. Other grape varieties planted are as follows: Gruner Veltliner, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, from white wines. Zweigeltrebe, Saint Laurent from red wines.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Moravia
Website: Vinarstvi Mikrosvin Mikulov a.s.
Contact Details / Location: VINARSTVI MIKROSVIN MIKULOV a.s.
Nadrazni 29
Mikulov 692 01
Czech Republic
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