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Varaldo, Italy

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Winery Name: Varaldo, Italy
established 1956
Winemaker(s): Azienda Agricola Varaldo Rino
Other Details: Azienda Agricola Varaldo Rino is a young, family-run cellar with its roots firmly set in tradition. Today it is the turn of the third generation to carry forward the production of wines with a care and passion for the vine that has been handed down from father to son since the business was founded 50 years ago by Michele Varaldo.
The wines are currently grown on around 7 hectares (17 acres) of vineyards, tended under the guidance of Pier Mario Varaldo and his sons, Rino and winemaker Michele, who is always attentive to the latest innovations in wine-making technology.

Our production of 55-60,000 bottles a year for the red wines typically grown in the Langhe area, including Dolcetto d'Alba, Barbera d'Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo, Langhe Rosso "Fantasia 4.20", Barbaresco and Barolo, as well as a grappa made from the Nebbiolo grapes which produce Barbaresco wine. The vines are trained using the Guyot system, with thinning of the bunches during the summer producing an optimal yield to obtain the highest quality each vintage has to offer.

All the substances contributing to a wine's structure and richness are extracted in a very short time (4-5 days on the skins) using horizontal rotofermenters, which also provides an ever-appealing softness and roundness. The malolactic fermentation then takes place in tanks or oak casks or barrels, where the wines will stay for a period of ageing which varies - depending on the development of each single wine - from a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 30 months.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Piedmont
Website: Varaldo
Contact Details / Location: Via Secondine
2 - 12050 Barabresco (CN)
Tel. e Fax +390173635160
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