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Truchard Winery, USA

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Winery Name: Truchard Winery, USA
established 1989
Winemaker(s): Tony Truchard
Other Details: Truchard Vineyards is a small family owned winery in the Carneros region of the Napa Valley. Proprietors Tony and Jo Ann Truchard have managed a successful vineyard and grown exceptional grapes for nearly 30 years. Through their hard work and devotion to this unique property, they helped pioneer grapegrowing in the Carneros. In 1989 the Truchards established a winery and began producing wines using only their estate-grown fruit.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Napa Valley
Website: Truchard Winery
Contact Details / Location: Truchard Vineyards is a small family owned winery, and requires appointments for a winery tour/wine tasting. If you are planing on visting Napa Valley and would like to arrange a winery tour and wine tasting please call us at 707.253.7153.

3234 Old Sonoma Road
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