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Trefethen Vineyards, USA

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Winery Name: Trefethen Vineyards, USA
established 1852
Winemaker(s): David Whitehouse, Jr. and Peter Luthi
Other Details: The wines of Trefethen Vineyards are a reflection of the land from which they are grown. There is a synergy between the soil we work, the grapes we grow, and the wine we make. The craft of winegrowing is both ancient and modern. The relationship is intimate and has been carefully balanced here throughout the years, encouraging us to create our distinctive and exceptional family of world-class wines.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Napa Valley
Website: Trefethen Vineyards
Contact Details / Location: Trefethen is located at the southern end of the Napa Valley and is the first winery you see after leaving the city of Napa. Start your visit to the Napa Valley at Trefethen!

Address: 1160 Oak Knoll Avenue, P.O. Box 2460, Napa, CA 94558.

Telephone: 707.255.7700
Fax: 707.255.0793

Hours: Open daily from 10:00 to 4:30.

Tastings: Estate Tasting - $10. ~ Reserve Tasting - $20.

Tours: By appointment. Tours of our historic winery are approx. 30 minutes.

Directions: Trefethen is 75 minutes north of San Francisco.
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