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The Crossings, New Zealand

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Winery Name: The Crossings, New Zealand
established 1996
Winemaker(s): Matthew Mitchell
Other Details: In the renowned Marlborough wine region of New Zealand, between the waters of Cloudy Bay and the jagged Kaikoura Mountains, lies the ancient glacial Awatere Valley. In the nineteenth century, early pioneers stopped in this valley at a place where their horses could wade across the Awatere River. They called this point The Crossings.

Today, this spot falls within The Crossings wine estate, which is made up of three vineyards in strategic locations within the valley. While this land was once used by the settlers for grazing, recent years have increasingly seen it converted to vines, as this southern sub-region of Marlborough proves itself to be a prime vineyard location.

While the Awatere Valley is producing wines different in style to those of northern Marlborough, wines from The Crossings offer a particularly individual expression of the Awatere. As one of the viticultural pioneers in the valley, we have been able to select a spread of the best sites, and from the many different parcels within these, are able to create individual wines that express the land in which they are grown.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Marlborough
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Website: The Crossings
Contact Details / Location: The Crossings
395 Awatere Valley Road, Marlborough, New Zealand
T: +64 (0)3 575 7230
F: +64 (0)3 575 7290
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