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Taylor Fladgate, Portugal

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Winery Name: Taylor Fladgate, Portugal
established 1692
Winemaker(s): David Guimar„ens
Other Details: Taylor's is now over 300 years old. It remains a family firm, completely independent, owned still by relations of the original partners.

On the Atlantic coast at Oporto are the ancient lodges where Taylor's priceless ports slowly reach their glorious maturity. High up in the Douro Valley is Taylor Quinta de Vargellas, one of the world's truly great vineyards, comparable in quality to Chateau Latour. In between is the complex network of independent farmers, who have supplied Taylor's for generations, their press-houses and wine making establishments.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Douro
Website: Taylor Fladgate
Contact Details / Location: Directions on website.
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