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St Hallett Winery, Australia

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Winery Name: St Hallett Winery, Australia
established 1944
Winemaker(s): Diane Ferguson and Matt Gant
Other Details: St Hallett, located in the heart of the Barossa Valley in South Australia, has a history of producing wines that dates back to 1944. Established by the Lindner Family, St Hallett Wines is one of the older Barossa wineries.

St Hallett's first forty years were spent in the traditional production of fortified wines typical of the region at that time, however in 1988, the company underwent a rebirth which has resulted in its elevation to one of the premium wine producers in Australia.

Stuart Blackwell is Winery Manager and has spearheaded the commissioning of the new "state of the art" production facilities in 1988 and the installation of some of the world's most advanced fruit processing and handling equipment. Despite this modern approach, traditional "old-style" winemaking techniques have been maintained at St Hallett. With experience in South Africa and Zimbabwe as well as Australia, Stuart has a long history at St Hallett beginning in 1974 and is now honoured with the St Hallett Blackwell Shiraz and the recently released Blackwell Semillon. Stuart's contribution to St Hallett and to the Barossa were again recognised in 2003 as 'Barossa Valley Winemaker of the Year' (see our News & Reviews page for more details).

Careful attention to detail and this personalised approach to all aspects of wine production ensures that the wines which emerge from St Hallett are wines of fruit flavour, balance, and a style of 'softness' which is distinctly Barossa.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Barossa Valley
Website: St Hallett Winery
Contact Details / Location: St Hallett Wines
St Hallett's Road, Tanunda,
Barossa Valley, SA 5352

(PO Box 120, Tanunda, SA 5352)

Phone 08 8563 7000
Fax 08 8563 7001
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