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Springfield Estate, South Africa

Below are the details for Springfield Estate, South Africa.

Winery Name: Springfield Estate, South Africa
established 1995
Winemaker(s): Abrie Bruwer
Other Details: Set in the heart of the mountain-ringed Robertson Valley in South Africa's Western Cape Province, Springfield Estate is a vibrant, family-run wine farm. It is owned by the Bruwer family, fourth-generation wine farmers and ninth-generation descendants of the Bručres, French Huguenots who came to South Africa from the Loire in 1688 with bundles of vines under their arms.

The farm itself is picturesque. A tree-lined dirt road meanders up to the cellar complex which is flanked by a dam, complete with a small sailing boat and magnificent views of the mountain range of McGregor and the Langeberg mountains behind Robertson. A large number of Springbok, descendants of a herd brought down from Namibia 50 years ago, thrive on the estate, habitually escaping into the vineyards to sample the fresh berries.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Robertson
Website: Springfield Estate
Contact Details / Location: Tel: +27 (0)23 626 3661 | Fax: +27 (0)23 626 3664
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