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Spioenkop Wines, South Africa

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Winery Name: Spioenkop Wines, South Africa
established 0
Winemaker(s): Koen Roose
Other Details: Spioenkop is not just about a couple of Belgians who fell in love with South Africa and the Elgin Valley with its mild climate. The Rooses moved here with a specific goal in mind, to take up the challenge of proving what they believe in when it comes to farming practices and winemaking techniques and of honouring wine South Africa in the long term. "Terroir is important to us. We believe in ‘appellation' or ‘wine of origin' in its purest form. Aromatic yeasts are banned from our fermentation cellar, as are computer-controlled rotating presses to extract the juice from the grapes… At Spioenkop we aren't afraid of hard labour. We prefer the gentle treatment of a basket press in the winery and tend to the vineyards by hand, on foot, avoiding the use of throbbing tractors that compact the ground and hamper the natural scheme of things such as micro-organisms in the soil that influence the vines, the grapes and the wines."
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Elgin Valley
Website: Spioenkop Wines
Contact Details / Location: SPIOENKOP WINES, Highlands Road, Elgin
GPS: S34 14 14.0 E19 03 48.1

TEL +27 21 859 1458
CELL+27 79 491 6613

P.O. Box 340, Grabouw, 7160
Elgin Valley - South Africa
Wine Reviews: No wine reviews at this time.
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