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Six Strings Winery, USA

Below are the details for Six Strings Winery, USA.

Winery Name: Six Strings Winery, USA
established 2003
Winemaker(s): Iain Crabb
Other Details: Six Strings Winery is a small premium winery located on the Central Coast of California.

At Six Strings, we create high quality hand crafted wines in small quantities that are inspired by great music. For us, the combination of an excellent wine and the sound of a well-played guitar culminates in a wine tasting experience that is unlike any other. Six Strings cofounders Iain Crabb and Gary Cornick are both guitarists who share a passion for making excellent wines in small lots that are inspired by great music.

Our goal is to produce wines that are enjoyable and have their own unique personality. We do this by selecting fruit from the best vineyards in the best locations and by keeping the production levels for each wine very limited.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Santa Lucia Highlands
San Benito County
Dry Creek Valley
Wine List Wine List - Six Strings Winery, USA
Website: Six Strings Winery
Contact Details / Location: Six Strings Winery
PO Box 185
San Juan Bautista, CA 95045
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