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Schild Estate, Australia

Below are the details for Schild Estate, Australia.

Winery Name: Schild Estate, Australia
established 1950
Winemaker(s): Michael Schild
Other Details: Ben established a small mixed farm including vineyard in the Barossa Village of Rowland Flat in the early 1950's after moving his young family from Lameroo in the Mallee region of South Australia.

Ed took over the reigns of the 60 acre property following his fathers passing. He steadily increased his holdings over time with clever acquisition and good management and the steadying assistance of his wife Lorraine, through some of the most viticulturally depressed times in recent history.

Today Ed's son Michael with assistance from his wife Kylie and a dedicated team, is overseeing the management and development of the vineyards. Re-planting and re-development of older vineyards are a continuing goal in the evolution of quality viticulture. Ed's daughter's, Judy and Leanne also work in the enterprise in professional capacities making sure that the bond of family involvement is strong. The Schild family are confident that the 6th Generation are just as dedicated to the betterment of the label as the current family employees.

"The Schild family are determined to continue the growth and success of their wine label and with good management and a stable foundation built on history and hard work this vision will be obtained and maintained".
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Barossa Valley
Website: Schild Estate
Contact Details / Location: Schild Estate:
1 Lyndoch Valley Road
PO Box 532

Phone: +61 8 8524 5560
Facsimile: +61 8 8524 4333
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