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Riboli Family Winery, USA

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Winery Name: Riboli Family Winery, USA
established 1917
Winemaker(s): The Riboli Family
Other Details: The Riboli Family traces its wine producing roots to Lombardia, Italy, where founder Santo Cambianica learned to make simple table wines for his family and friends. Once he immigrated to the US, Santo established himself and his new winery in Lincoln Heights, which at that time was the home to many first-generation Italian immigrants. With hard work, determination, and good faith, Santo’s business survived the Prohibition Act by producing sacramental wines for churches and local parishes of Los Angeles County. Nearly every winery in Los Angeles failed during that time, resulting in an explosion of fresh opportunity for Santo.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Paso Robles
Website: Riboli Family Winery
Contact Details / Location: San Antonio Winery & Maddalena Restaurant
Plaza San Antonio
737 Lamar Street
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Phone 323-223-1401
Fax 323-221-7261

2802 S. Milliken Avenue
Ontario, CA 91761
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