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Rene Barbier, Spain

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Winery Name: Rene Barbier, Spain
established 0
Other Details: Léon Barbier came to Catalonia over a century ago.

As the son of vineyard proprietors in the Avignon region, Barbier applied his knowledge of the French tradition of treating grapes to Catalonia's climate and soil.

The result was the production of magnificent and supreme quality red, white and rosé wines. Since then, year after year, harvest after harvest, the following Barbier generations have respected and continued the same tradition of wine preparation.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Penedes
Website: Rene Barbier
Contact Details / Location: René Barbier

Partida Torre del Gall, s/n
08739 St. Cugat de Sesgarrigues

T: (34) 93 891 7090
F: (34) 93 891 7099
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