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Quivira Vineyards, USA

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Winery Name: Quivira Vineyards, USA
established 1981
Winemaker(s): Grady Wann
Other Details: Quivira's family-owned vineyard and winery are home to a team of spirited people who add a dash of innovation and artistry to Dry Creek Valley's long tradition of winegrowing and winemaking.

"Focusing only on varieties distinctly suited to Dry Creek Valley's climate, we keep our eyes on quality and our hands on production," says Winemaker and General Manager Grady Wann.

At Quivira, wine grape growing is principally handwork. Row-by-row and vine-by-vine, Quivira's experienced crew prunes, thins shoots and bunches, positions canes, removes leaves, hoes and harvests, all by hand.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Sonoma
Website: Quivira Vineyards
Contact Details / Location: Quivira Vineyards
4900 W. Dry Creek Rd.
Healdsburg, CA 95448


Fax 707.431.1664
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