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Poet's Corner Wines, Australia

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Winery Name: Poet's Corner Wines, Australia
established 1989
Winemaker(s): James Manners
Other Details: Poet's Corner was named in honour of the highly acclaimed Australian poet, Henry Lawson, who grew up in the Mudgee Gulgong area.

Launched in 1989 out of the popular Montrose brand, Poet's Corner has become a part of Australian winemaking history, putting Mudgee on the map producing innovative wines which reflect Australia's personality.

The first release by Poet's Corner in 1989 was met with much excitement receiving many awards and this trend has continued ever since. With winemaker James Manners, Poet's Corner continues to offer consumers quality wine at a reasonable price.

The cellar door is located in the oldest winery in Mudgee, formerly called Craigmoor, which was established in 1858. A great way to spend the day, you can visit the historic museum full of winemaking tools and memorabilia dating back to early 19th century, and have a delicious meal in the Craigmoor Restaurant, which serves a variety of dishes to complement our wines.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Mudgee
Website: Poet's Corner Wines
Contact Details / Location: Poet's Corner is located in Mudgee, approximately 260 kilometres north west of Sydney, on the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range.

Poet's Corner Wines Cellar Door
PO Box 67, Mudgee, NSW 2850.
Tel: 02 6372 2208
Fax: 02 6372 4464
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