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Margaret River Wine Growers, Australia

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Winery Name: Margaret River Wine Growers, Australia
established 1999
Winemaker(s): Group
Other Details: MRW are unique. We're a major wine producer with a boutique vine-to-wine attitude to quality and service. Yes, we know you've heard it all before, but we really are different. Indeed we're so different that if you take the time to read on, you'll find our story will raise your interest no matter how tired you are of wine-marketing-speak.

We're all aware that world wine production has grown at a phenomenal rate in recent years. With it has come so much competition that new wineries can find it difficult to stake their claim in the market. As a premium wine producing region Margaret River has been reasonably protected from these influences. But they can't be ignored.

In September 1999 grape growers and acquaintances Jeff Clarke and Matt Jarvis began discussing ways in which they could market their wines. How could they maintain a small producer's passion and enthusiasm for their grapes and resulting wine while enjoying equal opportunities with the major wine producers and wine marketeers? It was a tall order. Jeff and Matt were searching for a future that would allow them to carefully tend their small acreages of vines and have a positive influence on the winemaking yet still see their produce successfully competing on the shelves of the international wine market.

A brainstorming session assisted by a few glasses of some excellent Margaret River red sowed the first seeds of an idea. Armed with inspiration and enthusiasm for their concept Jeff and Matt set off in search of like-minded Margaret River grape growers. Their plans were to join forces to produce a well presented premium wine range. A range that would have all the trademarks of a quality boutique wine with the added bonus of being large enough to have a marketing advantage.

Within 12 months Jeff's and Matt's idea had developed into MRW (Margaret River Winegrowers) a 13 strong band of growers dedicated to excellence. By joining MRW each grower gained a production and marketing advantage while maintaining their integrity in growing quality wine grapes perfect for premium wines.

Before being invited to join MRW, potential members first needed to meet a strict set of criteria. Their land and grapes had to be within the Margaret River wine appellation and they had to be willing to grow their grapes according to the group's quality management policy. This would ensure these consistent high standards provided the foundation for premium quality wines. They also had to be sociable and able to work with others towards this common goal.

The resulting stakeholders of the MRW are definitely a sociable group, you only need to see us together to confirm that point. We're also an interesting mixed group of the A-Z of professionals ranging from artists to doctors and farmers to lawyers. While our professions and interests give the group its diversity, it's our overwhelming passion to produce top quality grapes and well presented wines that provides the bond. In our first year MRW produced 4,500 cases of quality wine, not a bad start for such an odd bunch.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Margaret River
Website: Margaret River Wine Growers
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