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MadFish Wines, Australia

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Winery Name: MadFish Wines, Australia
established 1986
Winemaker(s): Michael Kerrigan
Other Details: The MadFish story begins in the far southern reaches of Western Australia where 15 kilometres from the quiet coastal town of Denmark is the picturesque MadFish Bay. According to local folklore, the bay's tranquillity is broken when two tides meet, resulting in schools of small fish going mad... Jumping about to avoid being gobbled up by hungry, larger fish.

MadFish, produced by Howard Park Wines, are wines with an emphasis on enjoyment and drinkability. They are for people who enjoy the pleasures of life: family, friends, food and wine.

Howard Park Wines first released the MadFish label in 1992 with the MadFish Premium White, soon followed by the MadFish Premium Red in 1993. Today they produce a number of styles, namely the much-lauded MadFish Chardonnay and Shiraz. These contemporary styles are made from cool climate fruit and are noted for their pure, fresh and clean characteristics in which the flavour of the fruit is the primary character.

As the story suggests, the MadFish name is derived from the magnificent MadFish Bay near the Howard Park Great Southern winery. The traditional aboriginal water turtle design on the label is a symbol of perseverance and tolerance - no doubt characteristics displayed by the poor fish in MadFish Bay who are constantly under attack by their predators.

In the spirit of Western Australia, MadFish wines are without pretension and without fuss.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Great Southern
Margaret River
Website: MadFish Wines
Contact Details / Location: Miamup Road
Cowaramup WA 6284


Scotsdale Road
Denmark WA 6333
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