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Koehler Winery, USA

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Winery Name: Koehler Winery, USA
established 1997
Winemaker(s): Michael Roth
Other Details: Koehler Winery is situated on the Foxen Canyon Trail in the Santa Ynez Valley, one of California's most diverse growing regions. Sixty Seven acres of the 100-acre estate are planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Syrah, Sangiovese, Grenache and Viognier all of which realize their best level of expression from the micro climatic diversity that we have on the property.

We purchased the property in 1997. Knowing that the vines were almost 30 years old and that other wineries were getting great accolades for the wine they made from our grapes, we decided to quit selling the grapes and start making wine. Michael Roth was named to be the winemaker and assist us in making the best possible wine from the estate. Michael, and Felipe(who runs the vineyard) are committed to making premium wines at affordable prices. The number of different grapes growing on the estate, allows Michael the opportunity to express his winemaking ability.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Santa Barbara
Website: Koehler Winery
Contact Details / Location: Koehler Winery
5360 Foxen Canyon Road
Los Olivos
California 93441

Tel: 805.693.8384
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