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King Estate, USA

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Winery Name: King Estate, USA
established 1990
Winemaker(s): Bill Kremer
Other Details: King Estate Winery uses hand grown estate grapes. Optimum ripeness and concentration. Canopy and crop thinning by hand - naturally. Perfect balance between vine and fruit development.

Organic farming. It simply makes good sense. Certification was important - it proves our vineyards are grown according to strict standards that are verified by independent organizations.

Rigorous, labor-intensive viticulture practices make it all happen. Meliton Martinez is our hero. He runs the farm with help from everyone -- we keep very busy!
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Willamette Valley
Website: King Estate
Contact Details / Location: King Estate Winery
80854 Territorial Rd
Eugene, Oregon 97405
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