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Kaz, USA

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Winery Name: Kaz, USA
established 1994
Winemaker(s): Richard Kasmier
Other Details: Bonded in 1994, Sonoma Valley's smallest winery open to the public. Organic vineyards of from 22 - 300 vines. Crazzy blends and wonderful rich ports!

Kaz is infamous for blends and PORTS. Rare grape varieties as well as the known are fair game for Kaz to experiment with to create dynamic new flavor sensation. Each bottle is adorned with a vintage photo that was hand colored by Mr. and Mrs. Kaz. Kaz currently produces 1000 cases yearly and is one of the smallest wineries open to the public. This is a small family winery so CEO means Crazy Employer of One, also known as the Kaz.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Sonoma
Website: Kaz
Contact Details / Location: 233 Adobe Canyon Rd.
Kenwood, California (CA) 95452

Hours Friday-Sat-Sun and Monday 11-5
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