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Jacob's Creek, Australia

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Winery Name: Jacob's Creek, Australia
established 1850
Winemaker(s): Philip Laffer, Sam Kurtz and Bernard Hickin
Other Details: From the vine to the bottle, the mission for Jacob's Creek is simply to improve the quality of each vintage.

The fruit for Jacob's Creek is sourced from different regions within South Eastern Australia, enabling the winemakers to overcome seasonal variations in any particular region, improve the quality of the wine, and select fruit that will best suit the wine style.

The philosophy behind Jacob's Creek is to offer a fresh, fruit-driven, easy drinking win that can be consumed without years of cellaring. It must also offer excellent value and consistency.

Jacob's Creek wines promise to always over deliver in quality, for the price. Every aspect of the winemaking process is geared to achieve this result.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Barossa Valley
Website: Jacob's Creek
Contact Details / Location: The Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre is a comfortable one-hour drive from Adelaide.

Starting in the middle of Adelaide, head North along King William Street and then Main North Road to Gawler. Follow the signs to Lyndoch via the Barossa Valley Way and then onto Rowland Flat, the home of the Orlando Winery and Jacob's Creek. Keep heading North toward Tanunda for another kilometre and the entrance to the Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre awaits.
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