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Herzog Wine Cellars, USA

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Winery Name: Herzog Wine Cellars, USA
established 1985
Winemaker(s): Joseph Hurliman
Other Details: The Herzog Story

The Jewish people have a special relationship to wine that predates even the Romans and Greeks. For the ancient Jews, whose temple in Jerusalem was renowned throughout the fledgling civilizations of the Middle East, wine played an important role in religious ritual. Today, thousands of years later, it continues to do so. Kiddush, the prayer over the wine, traditionally announces the beginning of the Sabbath on Friday night as well as other holidays.

And so it should come as no surprise that the Herzog family has been making wine for a long time. They trace their winemaking origins back to Philip Herzog, who made wine in Slovakia for the Austro-Hungarian court more than a century ago. Philip's wines were so appreciated by Emperor Franz-Josef, that the emperor made Philip a baron. The Baron Herzog wines-a line of premium yet moderately priced California varietals-are named to commemorate the honor.

For more information on Herzog Wine Cellars, please see our web links on the home page, or e-mail . Our phone number at the winery is 805.983.1560
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Santa Barbara
Website: Herzog Wine Cellars
Contact Details / Location: Herzog Wine Cellars
3201 Camino Del Sol
Oxnard, CA 93030

Tel: 805.983.1560
Fax: 805.983.1775
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