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Gosset, France

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Winery Name: Gosset, France
established 1584
Winemaker(s): Unsure
Other Details: For four centuries, great care has been taken to maintain the reputation of the brand, and to preserve a family know-how in making champagne.

In 1584 Pierre Gosset, alderman of A˙ and wine-grower, made still, mostlyred, wines from the grapes he harvested from his own vines. In those days, two wines vied for pride of place at the table of the Kings of France : the wine of A˙ and, from some hundreds of leagues further South, the wine of Beaune. Both were made from the same grape varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The reputation of the wine of A˙ was such that François the First had his own winery built there, which is now owned by Champagne Gosset. Then, in the 18th century the wine made in and around A˙ began to bubble, and the Gosset family turned naturally to the production of champagne.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Bordeaux
Website: Gosset
Contact Details / Location: Champagne GOSSET
BP 7
51160 AY

Tel: 03 26 56 99 56
Fax: 03 26 51 55 88
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