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Gnekow Family Winery, USA

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Winery Name: Gnekow Family Winery, USA
established 1997
Winemaker(s): Christoph Legrandejacques
Other Details: Gnekow Family Winery (pronounced "nee-ko") was founded upon two essential principles; first - handcraft quality wines that represent exceptional values by applying Old and New World winemaking techniques to grapes from our distinctive region and second - create wines that would be fun and exciting!

Our state-of-the-at winery is located in Collegeville, California, about an hour from the Napa Valley, in the rolling hills between San Francisco and Yosemite, not far from Mondavi-Woodbridge in Lodi.

Our Signature Wine, the Campus Oaks "Old Vine" Zinfandel Lodi, is selectively chosen from our 83-95 year old vineyards and has consistently won Gold Medals every year since it's initial harvest in 1997.

In 2004, we introduced our Honor Series, which features the graduation of our quality Old Vine Zinfandels to higher award-winning levels - "Cum Laude", :"Magna Cum Laude" and "Summa Cum Laude". Our newest production, the Music Series delivers splendid renditions of "AmaZin" Grapes, "Que Syrah Syrah", "Life is A Cabernet" and "My Chablis Amour" while demonstrating our desire to combine value with elegance and sophistiction through creativity.

Last year, we produced over 100,000 cases of excting wines. Our Campus Oaks varietal wines have received over 100 awards from national and international wine competitions. We also have produced wines for over three-dozen other wineries, including Kendall-Jackson, Hess, Bogle and the organic wines - Our Daily Red. In the Marilyn Merlot series, we developed the Norma Jean project.

Ultimately, people are always the deciding factor in any endeavor. Our winemaker, Cristophe Legrandjacques, brings to our team over 16 years of global winemaking experience, Cris was trained at the prestigious G. H. Mumm vineyards in Reims,Champagne, France and also at Chateau de Chantegrives winery in the Graves district of Bordeaux. Chris and his supporting crew of veteran cellar workers have formed a unique bond that allows us to pursue new levels of excellence and exhiliaration in the wines we create.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Napa Valley
Website: Gnekow Family Winery
Contact Details / Location: 17347 East Gawne Road
Collegeville, California 95215-9646

Ph: 209) 463-0697
Toll Free: (888) 446-3569
Fax: (209) 463-0699
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