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Galil Mountain Winery, Israel

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Winery Name: Galil Mountain Winery, Israel
established 2000
Winemaker(s): Micha Vaadia
Other Details: The Upper Galilee mountain range is much more than an abode for Galil Mountain Winery; it's the Winery's heart and soul. Sitting in a breathtaking spot atop the Upper Galilee mountain range, the innovatively designed winery is committed to revitalizing the region's rich history of winemaking.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Galilee
Website: Galil Mountain Winery
Contact Details / Location: Galil Mountain Winery
Kibbutz Yiron M.P. Merom Hagalil 13855

Tel: +972-4-686-8740
Fax: +972-4-686-8506
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