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Friday Monkey Wines, Australia

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Winery Name: Friday Monkey Wines, Australia
established 1960
Other Details: Friday Monkey wines are drinks for any occasion; be it at home, a casual dinner with friends, or at a BYO restaurant. We give you the finest quality wine that tastes good and lets you have all the pleasure.

Friday Monkey wines reflect the climate and soil from which they were grown, in their pure form, conveying a unique flavour that cannot be replicated.

Our Vineyards

Top-quality wine comes from excellent fruit and that is the reason our wines are made in the well-known Riverina region, located in the south-east of Australia. We look for colour and flavour in the fruit, keeping a balance so that the wine has a rich, concentrated and smooth palate.

The Riverina wine region has been producing consistent high quality wines over the years. Situated in New South Wales, the Riverina region is famous for its luscious dessert wine. It produces the bulk of the state's grape harvest. The Harvest time is from early February to early May.

Our winemakers are making the most of these regional variations, linking superb climate and soil conditions with new technology and innovative winemaking procedures to produce a range of wines that vary as dramatically as the terrain from which they come.

Wine may be regarded as a metaphor for the spirit of Australia, reflecting the multi-faceted elements of a nation that retains the essence of its origins, embraces the new and distils both into a product of vigour, variety and complexity.

Our wines are young, trendy and sophisticated.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Riverina
Website: Friday Monkey Wines
Contact Details / Location: New South Wales, Australia
Wine Reviews: No wine reviews at this time.
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