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Fox River Wines, Australia

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Winery Name: Fox River Wines, Australia
established 1996
Winemaker(s): Cate Finlay
Other Details: The Fox River Wine Company was established in late 1996. The Fox River vineyards are located in the cool climate region of the far south of Western Australia known as Mount Barker.

This area is some 400 kms south of Perth, and approximately 50 kms inland from the southern coastline. The cool climate of this region is well renowned for itís excellence in viticultural conditions. Long and mild ripening seasons allow for extended ripening seasons, and the development of intense fruit flavour in the grapes over summer.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Mount Barker
Website: Fox River Wines
Contact Details / Location: Fox River Wine Company Pty Ltd
P.O.Box 42
Western Australia, 6324

8 kms North of Mount Barker on Albany Highway.
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