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Flora Springs Wine Co., USA

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Winery Name: Flora Springs Wine Co., USA
established 1978
Winemaker(s): Ken Deis
Other Details: Flora Springs is a family endeavor that epitomizes hard work, dedication and teamwork. The vitality of our family is obvious as we set about the task of growing great grapes and making absolutely delicious wine. Even the name Flora Springs has significance - Flora is our mother and the springs refer to the water source on the property that has flowed uninterrupted regardless of periods of drought.

It all began over 25 years ago, when our parents, Jerry and Flora Komes bought the first vineyard - a vineyard with a great deal of history, excellent soils and two ghost wineries. Their retirement project became a lifetime passion for son John Komes and daughter Julie Garvey and their families. John quickly talked the family (including another brother Mike Komes) into making wine. Julie worked side by side with John as the first two years they made the wines. Julie's husband Pat Garvey took over the vineyard side of things. In 1980, Ken Deis was hired as winemaker and he has been part of the family ever since.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Napa Valley
Website: Flora Springs Wine Co.
Contact Details / Location: 1978 W. Zinfandel Lane
Saint Helena, California 94574
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