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Ferngrove Vineyards Estate, Australia

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Winery Name: Ferngrove Vineyards Estate, Australia
established 1996
Winemaker(s): Kim Horton
Other Details: The thriving Ferngrove Vineyards Estate at Frankland River in Western Australia's Great Southern wine region is a remarkable success story built on the vibrant dream of a prominent South Coast pioneer farming family. In 1996, with nearly 90 years of beef and dairy farming history behind him, Murray Burton decided to move into premium grape growing, knowing the region's productive soils, pristine environment and temperate Mediterranean climate were ideal for viticulture.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Frankland River
Website: Ferngrove Vineyards Estate
Contact Details / Location: Ferngrove Vineyards Estate (for WA sales and inquiries)
First Floor, 620 Newcastle Street
Leederville, Western Australia 6007
Telephone: 618 9227 0297
Facsimile: 618 9227 9742

Ferngrove Vineyards Estate (winery and cellar sales)
Ferngrove Road
Frankland WA 6396
Telephone: 618 9855 2378
Facsimile: 618 9855 2368
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