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Farrell Estate Wines, Australia

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Winery Name: Farrell Estate Wines, Australia
established 2000
Winemaker(s): Janel Farrell
Other Details: Traditional Winemaking is the key to Farrell Estate Wines. The fruit is hand selected and harvested. Each vineyard is carefully monitored to ensure harvest takes place at the correct time - ensuring optimum flavour and quality.

The grapes are gently crushed/destemmed then fermented in open fermenters. The ferments are plunged regularly and monitored to ensure optimum flavour, complexity and colour. The fruit is gently basket pressed at approx. two baume and allowed to complete primary and secondary fermentation in the American and French Hogshead barrels.

On completion of secondary fermentation the wine is left on lees for approximately one month, then racked off gross lees.

The barrels are racked between two and three times a year and monitored on a regular basis to ensure optimum quality is maintained. The wine remains in barrel for a minimum of ten months prior to filtration and bottling.

Since 2000 Janel has been co-fermenting (Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot) the winegrapes for the heljan label. Janel believes doing this optimises the complexity and characteristics of the wine allowing each of the varieties positive characteristics to marry and produce an outstanding wine - try it for yourself!

Best Enjoyed Among Family and Friends.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Murray Darling
Website: Farrell Estate Wines
Contact Details / Location: Farrell Estate Wines
PO Box 926
Mildura VIC
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