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Echelon Vineyards, USA

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Winery Name: Echelon Vineyards, USA
established 1960
Winemaker(s): Tom Westberg
Other Details: Since its beginnings in the 1960s, Chalone Wine Group (CWG) has been known for producing high-quality fine wines that are suitable for long-term cellaring and collecting. Winelovers asked for everyday wines, ready for drinking upon release, made to CWG's high standards. To meet that demand, the company launched Echelon Vineyards with the release of its 1997 Chardonnay.

Developing emerging areas
Because we are part of CWG, we capitalize on its long-established grower relationships to find very high-quality grapes that would not otherwise be available to us. As a result, we've discovered some growing regions within the Central Coast and the Clarksburg appellation that have yet to be fully recognized for the unique wine they produce. This allows us to make wines using the best grapes from a variety of appellations, instead of focusing on only one area. Our viticulturist and winemaker work together with the growers throughout the year to control every aspect of winegrowing; from determining which clones should be planted and how much they should be irrigated to how the canopy is controlled and when to pick the grapes.

We make Echelon wines using the latest technology at a custom facility in San Miguel, in the heart of California's Central Coast. Our close relationships with our growers and this facility give us total control of the wine, from the vineyard to the bottle.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Santa Lucia Highlands
Central Coast
Website: Echelon Vineyards
Contact Details / Location: Echelon Vineyards
2425 Mission Street
San Miguel, CA 93451
The winery is not open to the public

Tel: (707) 254-4200
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