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Eagle Vale Winery, Australia

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Winery Name: Eagle Vale Winery, Australia
established 1995
Winemaker(s): Guy Gallienne
Other Details: The property was purchased by current owners Steve and Wendy Jacobs in 1995. With Steve and Wendy's love of good wine, they set out to find someone with whom they could share their passion. Guy and Chantal Gallienne had recently arrived in Margaret River attracted by the very high quality of wine made in the region.

The work was proposed to them and with lengthy discussions, feasibility studies, land and soil analysis, an agreement was achieved with a vision to produce top quality wines. The company was formed in 1997 at which point the final plans were put into place and the preparation commenced. The two opposing slopes of the vale had been already cleared for livestock, with the surrounding trees of the National Park providing wind protection. Around 15,000 native trees were then planted for further protection. A perfect location just down the road from some very successful names with the coast-line only a stones throw away. The combination of an ideal climate and a soil structure perfect for vines clearly made the property an ideal site to establish a quality based vineyard. Guy and Chantals' son, Karl was at this point asked to join them to assist with the creation of Eagle Vale Estate. By the end of 1998 the property witnessed a major transformation, ready just in time to plant the rootlings, coming from carefully selected local cuttings. The next 3 years was spent shaping each individual vine to textbook perfection.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Margaret River
Website: Eagle Vale Winery
Contact Details / Location: Situated just south of the Margaret River Township, quite central on the Cape, in the SW corner of Western Australia. Only 3 kms from the coast of the Indian Ocean creates a temperate maritime climate. With this and the protective surrounding Marri and Karri trees of the National Parks, spring is frost free and the summers are long and mild. A long ripening season allows the grapes to develop more complexities whilst maintaining a good concentration of fruit flavours. It is no surprise then, that the Cape is recognized as one of the world's quality grape growing regions.

Eagle Vale Estate
PO BOX 810
Margaret River
Western Australia, 6285

Phone: (08) 9757 6477
Fax: (08) 9757 6199
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