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Dulcinea, Australia

Below are the details for Dulcinea, Australia.

Winery Name: Dulcinea, Australia
established 1983
Winemaker(s): Rod and Veronica Stott
Other Details: It is from the sentiments contained in Don Quixote that the vineyard owned by Rod and Veronica Stott at Sulky near Ballarat draws it's inspiration.

Rod had a dream to plant a vineyard as a hobby, even though he knew little about it and after much brainstorming for geographically appropriate and homogenous names for their small property, Rod and Veronica chose Dulcinea because it encapsulated their "dream".

Thus the property was named and with Veronica's encouragement and support from family and friends, vines were planted in 1983. Rod studied viticulture at Charles Sturt University and the fruit was sold off to winemakers with Rod & Veronica able to taste 'the fruits of their labour' from return bottles.

The inevitable "Quixotic turn" took place in 1994 when Rod and Veronica decided to build a winery and take the product of Dulcīnea into commerce. Since then Dulcīnea has developed and grown into a boutique winery which provides good quality wines at reasonable prices into local, country, metropolitan and overseas markets.

In summary, the back label on Dulcinea wine expresses the context of Rod and Veronica's dream and the essence of Cervantes "Don Quixote", it says...

"In Cervantes' story, Don Quixote dreamed dreams and tilted at windmills. He loved and believed in Aldonza and she became his DULCIEA - the sweet and beautiful one.
Here at DULCINEA in Sulky, we believe, that if we understand and nurture the habitat, this will become our DULCINEA and produce wine that is sweet and beautiful."

The grapes grown at Dulcinea are classical whites and reds. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc produce fruity and herbaceous flavours respectively, and Ballarat's cool climate gives the Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz a richness and character which enhances these noble varieties.

Pinot Noir is the Dulcinea's jewel in the crown. The Pinot Noir grape thrives in Ballarat's climate and produces tasty Mulberry/ Cherrywood characters.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Ballarat
Website: Dulcinea
Contact Details / Location: Dulcinea is situated 11 kilometres from Ballarat on the Midland Highway and is well signposted. It is well worth the trip.

Mailing Address:
R.M.B. H974
Jubilee Road
Sulky Ballarat 3352

Telephone: +613 03 53346440
Fax: +631 03 53346828
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