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Devil's Marbles Vineyards, Australia

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Winery Name: Devil's Marbles Vineyards, Australia
established 2003
Winemaker(s): Rob Moody
Other Details: The Devil's Marbles are large granite rocks sitting majestically in the outback of Australia. Aboriginal mythology says they are the eggs of the legendary Rainbow Serpent.
The vivid red earth and blue sky colours saturate the Devil's Marbles vineyards as the vines thrive in the red terra rossa soils and abundant sunshine during the warm dry summers and cool winters. This combined with the proximity to the sea creates a Mediterranean climate typical of all the great wine growing regions of the world. This unique climate combined with shallow soils overlaying a layer of limestone creates wines with intense flavours typical of great Australian wines. The vineyards are located in the highly sought after Limestone Coast region of South Australia.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Limestone Coast
Website: Devil's Marbles Vineyards
Contact Details / Location: 4 Benen Street
Morphett Vale S.A. 5162
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