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Clarendon Hills, Australia

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Winery Name: Clarendon Hills, Australia
established 1989
Winemaker(s): Roman Bratasiuk
Other Details: Clarendon Hills, 25 miles south of Adelaide, was established in 1989 by Roman Bratasiuk, the owner/winemaker. Since its establishment just over a decade ago Clarendon Hills has had amazing success.

Clarendon Hills has received excellent reviews from both critics and publications alike. From The Wine Advocate to the Wine Companion and Wine Spectator, to being named as one of Robert Parker's 'Wine Producers of the Year' in his newsletter Issue 108 - Clarendon Hills continues to impress. In August 2003, Robert Parker (Wine Advocate) names Clarendon Hills as one of Australia and the world's greatest wineries.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): South Australia
Website: Clarendon Hills
Contact Details / Location: Clarendon Hills Nominees Pty Ltd,
363 The Parade,
Kensington Park South Australia, 5068

Phone/Fax 08 8364 1484
International Phone/Fax +61 8 8364 1484
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