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Churchview Estate, Australia

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Winery Name: Churchview Estate, Australia
established 2000
Winemaker(s): Spike Fokkema
Other Details: Churchview Estate is a family owned vineyard. Migrants from the Netherlands in 1950s the Fokkema family selected the site in 1998 for its ideal gravelly loams, ample clean water and ideal aspect with north facing slopes. Spike Fokkema has applied a highly successful philosophy to the production of premium wines. "Quality begins in the vineyard". No matter how good the soils and the site, it is not possible to make great wines from inferior fruit. To achieve great wines good vine management practices must be implemented.

At Churchview Estate we achieve this by growing vines that are in balance with nature. By allowing more sunlight into the vine canopy we have been able to dramatically enhance fruit quality, flavour and colour development. This unique application of simple but natural principles allows the production of grapes of the highest possible standard.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Margaret River
Website: Churchview Estate
Contact Details / Location: Churchview Estate
Bussell Hwy Metricup
Western Australia

Tel: +61.8.97557057
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