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Chouinard, USA

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Winery Name: Chouinard, USA
established 1977
Winemaker(s): Damian Chouinard
Other Details: George, Caroline, and their sons planted the first grapes 25 years ago with an old garden tractor. Waxed milk cartons kept the rabbits from nibbling the young vines. The canyon floor where the original grapes were planted was previously used for loading pens for the cattle and sheep, making the native loam soil even richer. Sauvignon Blanc vines flourished in the canyon, but were later grafted over to Chardonnay because of the region's tendency to experience late spring frost.

At 1,000 feet above sea level, the vineyards of Palomares Canyon are cooler than much of the Central Coast region. The new San Francisco Bay appellation defines the region's cool, sometimes foggy nights and warm sunny days.

About 1983, George Chouinard started what the family called his Egyptian project--cutting terraces into the steep hillside in the canyon to plant Cabernet Sauvignon. The leaner, well-drained soils, good air circulation, and sun exposure on the 35% slopes provided an ideal, if somewhat inconvenient location for the distinctive Cabs he wanted to produce.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Livermore
Website: Chouinard
Contact Details / Location: Chouinard's tasting room is open weekends and most holidays from noon until 5:00pm. If you'd like to arrange a tour or a
mid-week group tasting, please call us at 510/582-9900 or fax 510/733-6274. Our address is:

33853 Palomares Road
Castro Valley, CA 94552
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