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Chilford Hall, United Kingdom

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Winery Name: Chilford Hall, United Kingdom
established 1972
Winemaker(s): Unsure
Other Details: Chilford Hall Vineyard and Conference Centre is the largest dedicated events venue in Eastern England and provides a perfect setting for everything from corporate functions and conferences to weddings and wine tastings. The Vineyard and Winery play a leading role in the region and currently export to France, USA, Holland and Norway.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Cambridgeshire
Website: Chilford Hall
Contact Details / Location: Chilford Hall is set in 40 acres of rolling Cambridgeshire countryside and has been the Alper family home since 1965. An ambitious building and restoration project has transformed it into one of East Anglia's leading conference and banqueting centres.

Chilford Hall
Balsham Road,
Linton, Cambridge

Telephone: 01223 895600
Fax: 01223 895605
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