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Campbells, Australia

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Winery Name: Campbells, Australia
established 1870
Winemaker(s): Colin Campbell and Malcolm Campbell
Other Details: All our wines exhibit the pure natural flavours so characteristic of the Rutherglen Wine Region. They show in our crisp Trebbiano and Riesling. They show in our rich Bobbie Burns Shiraz. They show in our unique and powerful Barkly Durif and they show in our famous Muscats and Tokays; from the fresh young dessert styles to the rare, complex and ethereal Merchant Prince and Isabella.

At Campbells, we don't seek to make every style of wine but rather to craft wines from the grapes that grow well in our special region and suit many different foods and occasions.

If you are relaxing on a warm afternoon a chilled glass of Campbells Chardonnay with its soft mouth filling flavours will refresh but not challenge your palate. With friends at an outdoor café sharing a platter of antipasto? Nothing could be more enjoyable than an ice-cold glass of crisp dry Trebbiano. A busy bistro with a rare char-grilled steak, a glass of Campbells SDC, our unique shiraz, durif and cabernet blend, will add firm fruit zest to your enjoyment of the bubbling conversation.

Silver service, and the hushed tones of a fine restaurant paired to an exquisite braised duckling will be all the more memorable married to an aged, soft and complex Bobbie Burns Shiraz. A winter night's chill around the windows and a roaring open fire, reminiscences of experiences shared, a steaming coffee, a rich chocolate and a luscious Rutherglen Muscat. Our day's work is done!
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Rutherglen and Glenrowan
Website: Campbells
Contact Details / Location: Telephone (02)6032 9458
Facsimile (02)6032 9870
or Freecall 1800 359 458

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