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Buena Vista Winery, USA

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Winery Name: Buena Vista Winery, USA
established 1857
Winemaker(s): Jeff Stewart
Other Details: While the Carneros climate provides an amazing array of flavors and textures, it is in the winery that this palette of flavors is truly expressed. We are fortunate that our vineyards are in the heart of one of the most celebrated appellations in the world. Guided by our new winemaker Jeff Stewart, each and every step of our winemaking process is designed to articulate the exceptional character of Carneros fruit.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Sonoma
Carneros / Los Carneros
Website: Buena Vista Winery
Contact Details / Location: Buena Vista Carneros Winery
PO Box 182 / 27000 Ramal Road
Sonoma, CA 95476

Historic Buena Vista Tasting Room
PO Box 1842 / 18000 Old Winery Road
Sonoma, CA 95476
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