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Bodegas Robles, Spain

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Winery Name: Bodegas Robles, Spain
established 1927
Winemaker(s): Pilar Robles
Other Details: Since 1927, the year in which the Spanish wineries, Bodegas Robles took in its first grape harvest and produced 8.600 litres of wine and nowadays in wich the Spanish wineries, Bodegas Robles owns a processing factory capable of processing 300.000 kilogrammes of grapes daily (about 210.000 litres/day), the Robles family has always been up-to-date, employing the latest techniques in the production of their Spanish wines. The proof of this are the lot of Prizes and awards given to all their Spanish wineries and wines over the years, Prizes which motivate and inspire the work force to continue applying the latest techniques in the production process in our wineries: fermentation, maturing and bottling, to obtain the highest quality of wines in Spain. This one is our guide of Spanish wines.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Montilla Moriles
Website: Bodegas Robles
Contact Details / Location: Ctra. Córdoba-Málaga, N-331, Km.47, Apartado de Correos, 55
14550 Montilla CÓRDOBA Spain

Tel: 34+ 957 650 063
Fax: 34+ 957 653 140
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