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Bodegas Monterebro, Spain

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Winery Name: Bodegas Monterebro, Spain
established 2010
Winemaker(s): Juan Miguel Benitez
Other Details: Welcome to the World of Monterebro™.
Monterebro is an exquisite range of premium wines, produced from the highest vineyards in Jumilla, Spain. It is an exciting project created by an amalgamation of highly skilled winemakers, investors and innovators, including commercial director Andrés Bastida Molina and the acclaimed oenologist Juan Miguel Benítez who has around 100 national and international medals to his name. The Monterebro roots date back to 1870, and today we combine our traditional and familiar winemaking processes with the most modern technology and equipment in the industry. The philosophy is simple. Year after year, we strive to create the most expressive, most elegant and most memorable range of affordable Jumilla wines. Nowadays Monterebro stands for consistently excellent quality, character, and value for money. Bodegas Monterebro is based in the city of Jumilla and the vineyards are located around tree-covered mountains in the hamlet of La Aragona (el paraje de La Aragona) which provide much needed shelter to the vines used to produce the award-winning wines: Monterebro Joven, Monterebro Blanco, Monterebro Rosado, Monterebro Barrica, Monterebro Crianza, and Monterebro Selección. The Monterebro vineyards cover a total area of around 140 hectares and are located at an average altitude of 750 metres above sea level (2,500 feet). The soil is sandy, chalky and rocky on the surface. The climate is continental, and with extreme weather conditions in spite of the nearby Mediterranean sea. The contrast between day and night temperatures is frequently more than 25 degrees Celsius during the rapid growth period. Rainfall is scarce and very irregular, with less than 300mm per year. Due to these weather conditions, our vines produce small and very concentrated grapes, which go on to produce very well-balanced, elegant wines that are highly aromatic. The Monterebro red and rosé wines are produced using the Monastrell varietal (native to Jumilla) and Syrah. Jumilla is one of the most important growing areas in the World for these particular varieties. Monastrell in particular has been grown in Jumilla for some centuries and is perfectly suited to the prevailing conditions and long periods of drought. Wines created from these varieties tend to be quite full-bodied, with a deep ruby-red colour and tinges of purple. They are fruity on the nose and cherry or plum-like in flavour. They are always very evocative. We also have a few plots of Sauvignon Blanc vines, which are used for the production of our prized white wine - one of the very finest available from Jumilla.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Jumilla
Website: Bodegas Monterebro
Contact Details / Location: Calle Barrio Iglesias 55, 30520 Jumilla, Spain
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