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Black George, Australia

Below are the details for Black George, Australia.

Winery Name: Black George, Australia
established 1991
Other Details: Since it was founded in 1991 the Black George Winery has been able to realise its original vision to produce premium wines of the highest quality.

When you invest in a bottle of Black George Pemberton Estate wine, you can be sure that from the day the vines were selected and planted, to the day you pour, each step has been watched over with the eyes of a talented and very particular team.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Pemberton
Website: Black George
Contact Details / Location: Black George Winery
RMB 209 Black Georges Rd
Manjimup. 6258 Western Australia

Phone: (08) 9772 3112
Fax: (08) 9772 3569
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