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Bell Wine Cellars, USA

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Winery Name: Bell Wine Cellars, USA
established 1991
Winemaker(s): Anthony Bell
Other Details: Situated off the beaten path, just south of Yountville, is an exquisite pale stone winery, shrouded by oak, bordered to the south by Hopper Slough, surrounded by vineyard and cloaked in quiet. After looking for twenty years, winemaker Anthony Bell and winegrower John Baritelle found the perfect place to produce the wines they have long dreamed of - limited production, hand crafted wines that showcase the concept of "terroir". Bell Wine Cellars has opened its doors to the public to share the beauty of the place, and the wine.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Napa Valley
Website: Bell Wine Cellars
Contact Details / Location: 6200 Washington Street
Yountville CA 94599

(707) 944-1673 (telephone)
(707) 944-1674 (facsimile)
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